Investment Tips: When Not to Use a Savings Account


Most of us have had a savings account since we were very young. We probably got one before the age of ten, and whenever we got money for our birthdays, holidays, or what have you, we’d throw it in there. This way we had some money to help pay for a car and college when those things came around. After graduation, we figured it was probably a good idea to keep some savings, and still throw money into our savings accounts on a regular basis. Having a decent amount of savings is definitely a good thing, but a lot of people use their savings account for things that they really shouldn’t.


You should never use a savings account for long term investing. If you plan on leaving that money alone for five or ten years, a savings account is a horrible place to put that money. Over a long period of time, mutual funds can easily earn rates of return from 12-15%. The best you’ll get on your savings account is around 5%. You don’t want to put money that you need on a short-term basis in mutual funds, because they can be very volatile, however over a long period of time, they’ll almost always beat using a savings account. If the money in your savings account is for retirement, your children’s college, or some purchase that’s going to be made at least 5 years away, you should really move that money into an investment with a bit more risk, such as quality real-estate and decent mutual funds.

There’s another situation when it’s inappropriate for you to have money in a savings account. If you just have a pile of cash sitting in savings with no purpose, there’s a problem. You need to be setting financial goals (ie, I want to reduce this much debt, save this much money for a new car, put this much into retirement, etc.) If you have money that’s just sitting in your savings account with no purpose, it’s not really doing all that much good there. Your money needs intensity and a direction. You can have all the money in your savings account in the world, but if you don’t have any use for it, there’s not much good of it being there. If you’ve got extra money just sitting around in a savings, decide what the best way to use it would be, and go do it. If your car is almost dead, make an upgrade. Set some aside for emergencies, put some away for retirement.

A lot of Americans don’t have nearly enough in savings, but there’s a percentage of the population who keeps on throwing money into savings, and chances are that money should be placed elsewhere. Don’t do any long term investing in a savings account, and make sure that the money in your savings account is there for a reason.

Forex Assassin Review – Make Money with Forex Trading


Are you feeling it is too difficult to make money with forex trading? Do you want to skip all the stress associated with forex trading? Don’t want sit all day at the monitor staring at forex charts and indicators. Then I highly recommend Forex Assassin. Forex Assassin provides a proven formula to make money in forex trading without you having any prior experience with Forex.

It is a consistently profitable system whereby all you need to do is enter EXACT data into the formula that it will provide you with, then watch as this revolutionary new system spits out exactly when to open and close your trades. This system does it all for you without any further thought on your part. In short, it’s an easy and simple process for you to carry out with little effort – leaving you to get on with your day and your life and still make make money trading forex!


There are no decision making process in Forex Assassin. No learning curve and no gut instinct which can lose you money in forex. Simply follow the system outlined in Forex Assassin and that’s it. It’s that simple and easy.

You can use Forex Assassin if you thought about making money trading forex but don’t know where to start, already purchased a forex system or system promising the world only to be baffled with useless terminology and charts (that work in hindsight but fail to work in real market conditions) and thought you couldn’t make money with forex trading if you have a 9-to-5 and little capital.

The Forex Assassin system is The only system designed for 9-to-5’ers – start with as little as $100 and set and forget (you work out your trades during the weekend). You can test the system without risking a cent – fully test the formula, risk-free for 8 weeks – see the profitability and ease of use for yourself.

The Forex Assassin system is 100% mechanical you don’t have to think about what to do next. The system does it for you. It spits out the numbers for you to enter into your trading platform and that’s it. This revolutionary new system is perfect for those entering the forex market for the first time and for those who have wasted their time with other forex day trading systems.

Because of its simplicity and and the fact that is does the thinking for you – you won’t get bogged down, confused and frustrated.

What Will Be Your Binary Option Payoff?

What Will Be Your Binary Option Payoff?
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There are a number of benefits to trading binary options. The simplicity of the platform is an essential ingredient to the attractiveness of this method of investing. It can open up the doors for the novice investor and provide a new challenge for sophisticated traders.

The binary option payoff is two-fold – investors have the opportunity to experience financial rewards but also can gain invaluable expertise on the markets. Both of these elements contribute to the overall binary option payoff a user can experience, helping them experience returns over the short and long-term.

Gaining experience and an understanding of the markets is priceless. Although it may not sound like this education is actually a binary option payoff, it is probably more important than the actual financial returns. Binary options provide an environment for investors to learn more about the markets across a wide variety of asset categories, including stocks, indices, future indices, commodities and currency pairs. The breadth and depth of binary options available to investors on most platforms helps investors understand more about the market so they can transfer that knowledge into financial return.


With the online nature of binary options trading, investors can place a bid quickly and with access to real-time information on their chosen asset. As binary options work on short turnaround cycles starting from an hour, investors will learn first-hand if their trading strategy will lead to financial returns. As they trade, this knowledge will grow and has the potential to lead to a binary option payoff now and in the future.

The financial binary option payoff is the return a user makes on their investment. This is the payout less the initial investment made. All payouts are listed before the binary put or call option is made, helping the investor understand what they could gain when they place their trade. For example, if a user wishes to place a CALL option on a EUR/USD currency pair with an investment of $400 with a total, pre-determined payout of $750, their binary option payoff will be $350 (the difference between the investment and the payout).

Typically, the payout will vary depending on past expiries and how the actual asset is tracking. Most platforms provide information on past expiries online and it is important for investors to pay attention to this information so they can make informed decisions.

Binary options provide a useful platform for investors to learn more about the markets, gain invaluable expertise and benefit from associated financial returns.

My Summer as a Foreign Exchange Student


Learn More Than Language When Living With a Host Family

It has been thirty years since I was a high school exchange student to Sweden. It is an experience I remember vividly and fondly, and I highly recommend it for any student interested in travel, language, and other cultures. You can read and learn a lot from books. However, until you are immersed in the middle of a family located on another continent speaking rapidly in a different language, you do not appreciate the enormity of the world.

There are various exchange programs in operation, and my high school used Youth For Understanding (YFU). The high school and community were actively involved in the exchange program and hosted up to ten students annually. You could participate in a yearlong program, which involved school, or you could travel in a summer program with no classes.

For a student interested in language, a year in another country and school provided total language proficiency and immersion in the culture. It depends on the student’s interest and academic level. From what I remember, the students choosing the school option were challenged. The course load was rigorous and there was less time spent on extra-curricular activities.


I opted for the summer program and was hoping for a placement in France, since I was studying French. However, YFU had more students than host families and I was offered a chance to go to Sweden. Like most things in life, flexibility is key. While knowing absolutely nothing about Sweden or how to speak Swedish, I signed on for the adventure of a lifetime. Obviously, for a yearlong school program, the student must insist on placement in the country of their choice. For a summer program, the overall goal is the travel experience, so parents and students need to keep an open mind as to country choices.

YFU does an excellent job in coordinating families and placements. When one considers the responsibility and commitment of welcoming a foreign student into one’s home, it is not difficult to see how there can be a shortage of open homes. If you have a student traveling overseas, consider hosting a student in return. Not only does the student benefit, but the whole family learns about sharing one’s culture too. The exchange program allows all parties to learn.

The exchange program is not free. There is a price for learning. Fees include all travel and connections, as well as processing and coordination fees. However, as part of the child’s lifetime education, the benefits outweigh the costs. Your student will not only grow, but will have a greater appreciation for his family and country.

Sweden was an amazing country and I learned enough Swedish in one summer to get by. My family could not have been more hospitable. They lived in Bromma, outside of Stockholm. I was able to ride the train into the city and visit museums, shops, and its numerous parks. The family owned a boat and we enjoyed cruising the numerous waterways and scenery. We visited a grandmother in the Swedish countryside, and the family also took me up into the mountains of Norway.

They were generous and took great pride in showing me Sweden. The daughter, who was my age, was headed to California in the fall as a student. With me, she practiced her English, which was impeccable, and asked a lot of questions about America. I taught her some slang, and we felt like sisters by the end of the summer. Saying farewell to her, the family, and Sweden was incredibly difficult.

We kept in touch for a few years, until I went off to college and she headed to university. I always vowed I would return to Sweden, and I still plan to travel there someday. I highly recommend the exchange student experience. It opens one up to a lifetime of travel and interest in other cultures.

Forex Avenger Review & Download

Forex Avenger Review & Download
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This new astonishing three step mechanical trading system will change the market and Forex trading as we know it. It has been said that a mechanical system could not be achieved, but that theory has now been proven wrong. Through history some of the best minds in the world tried to beat the market, but it took a working class man to make it actually happen.

It took over eight years to perfect the system and start producing cash like an ATM machine. Now it’s unstoppable it was tested by his peers, his three step wave entry baffled the experts. Even for a beginner it can be up and running in 30 minutes or less. This system averages an unheard of 82.69% winners, it kicks out consecutive winning trades like clockwork it withstands any market conditions and its 100% mechanical just set it up and walk away.

In fact it is so simple you will be up and running in less than 23 minutes after you watch the videos. Imagine trading with absolutely no experience as accurately as a Swiss watch and take a profitable trades of $100 or $200, $500 or even a $1000 thanks to this powerful new system it’s even possible to trade profitably completely unattended even while you are at your day job.


The Forex Avenger system will teach you a method that you can check only once a day, no hassles, no headaches, no stress just live your life as you want and let Forex Avenger work for you day in and day out. Profiting from the market involves taking advantage of the fluctuations that occur in currency values from one country to the next these changes occur every minute meaning you can take profitable trades any time day or night and when you have a system that’s 82.69% profitable the sky is the limit.

Trading used to be for large banks and corporations but with today’s internet technology anybody can trade and there is plenty of room for new traders, the market is so huge its bigger than all the stocks, bonds, futures, and options markets in the world combined, in fact every single day $3, 200, 000. 00 worth of currency gets traded on the market and it happens all over the world 24 hours a day.

To be a successful trader you will only need two things, the ability to be focused and disciplined enough to follow proven and easy mechanical system and two you need the proven system well how about this for proof this very same system took a real money $10,000 live account and in just one month successfully traded with a net profit of over 26.18%.

That’s over $2,500 in just one month completely hands free once the trade is being put on you can switch off your computer and enjoy life and profit and with this system 26% is actually conservative but what would happen if you compounded your profits and made only 26% every month for 20 months you would have over $1 million, you can do it as many times as you want and anybody can do it. The good news is that you don’t have to start with a $10,000 account either you can open up an account with as little as $100 and start trading today without any experience whatsoever.

The great thing about Forex is that you can actually start trading with zero cash without risking a single cent no other business in the world allows you this opportunity. You can set up a demo account in exactly 5 minutes and try the system for yourself without having to worry about losing any real money. It is time for you to live the life you have been dreaming of, true financial independence, travel wherever you want whenever you want, buy a new car, and pay cash! It’s all within your grasp and you can start as early as today.

Being a Foreign Exchange Student – More Than Just Fun


When I was in 5th grade I heard somebody talk about foreign exchange students in the USA. I never knew that you could do such a thing and became interested. After talking to my English teacher I decided to ask my parents what they thought about the idea of me living in a different country and going to school there for one year.

Naturally they were not thrilled and quickly dismissed it, thinking I was young, I would change my mind soon. I didn’t. Year after year I bugged them about it and finally, they agreed to talk to my teacher. With new information they once again decided not to talk about it anymore but I was persistent.

Eventually, in 10th grade they went to an informative event with me and after a few more months agreed to let me go. Things were very hectic then. I didn’t have much time to get all my transcripts, notes from teachers, essays, letters of recommendation and shots in order but only a few months later I found myself on a flight to California.


I was supposed to stay with a young family, he was a teacher, she worked at a fast food restaurant, and they had a little daughter. I was super excited, they seemed very nice but soon I found out that they were told I would only stay for two weeks, while we were told I would stay for the entire year. There were a lot of issues within a very short amount of time.

The area representative my exchange company had set me up with wasn’t doing a very good job. She simply lied to families about the circumstances of the students’ stay in order to get her money. The family of course did not get paid.

I was told I would move to another family for two days until my “real” family came back from vacation. My host-father drove me to school, all my luggage packed and ready to be picked up by my area rep before she would come to pick me up from school and take me to the temporary family.

I waited. And waited. And waited. With no cell phone at that time, no idea how to reach my area rep and knowing that my first family had left to go on vacation after dropping me off at school I was scared, sitting in the parking lot of my school. All of my belongings were God knows where. All my money, my passport, everything.

Finally, after five agonizing hours my area rep showed up, telling me that one of her eight children had been pitching a fit. She quickly took me to the temporary family, unloaded my luggage and was gone again.

Two days past. Then two weeks. Nobody had heard from her or that supposed family that had been waiting for me. The family I was with was struggling. The mother had just gotten divorced and lived alone with her two youngest children, two teenage boys.

I will never forget my first meal with that family: macaroni with mayo and black olives. It was all they had. The mother even offered me her bedroom while she took the couch in the living room. They didn’t have much but what they had they were more than happy to share with me and I quickly got attached to such a loving family. And they to me.

We finally figured out that there was no other family, my area rep was fired and I now had nobody who was in charge of me. As if there really had been somebody to begin with. I contacted my parents who agreed to send me more money so I could help out the family that had welcomed me into their lives – against company policy.

I didn’t care. They hadn’t done their part by providing a competent area representative for me or a family who actually wanted an exchange student, so why should we not take matters into our own hands now? And so we did.

I officially moved in with my “new” family in late October and continued to stay there for the remainder of my year in June as a foreign exchange student in California. The entire time my “mom” slept on the couch.

Even with all the ups and downs I encountered, that year was one of the best years of my life and I am forever grateful to my parents for making it happen as well as for my loving host-family, who took me in as a daughter – a family I am still in touch with 12 years later.

Advantages of Hosting Foreign Exchange Students


Exchange Student Programs Are Beneficial

Have you ever thought of hosting foreign exchange students? There are actually various advantages of this and you should try hosting one foreign student today. There is a lot that you can learn through this.

A foreign student may change the way you look at yourself. We all have a different lifestyle and we like living it that way. However a foreign student may not appreciate all the aspects of your lifestyle. No one is perfect and we all have our share of flaws. The problem is that we are not able to see those flaws. However another person will be able to point them out quickly. Some people may not like it when others point out their mistakes. However one should take this as an opportunity for personal growth and development. There may be something actually wrong with your lifestyle. Think about it and you may actually change for the better.


People from different country differ in their views and opinions. A person from one country may find several flaws with other countries system. You should try listening to these views. Maybe they are correct, maybe there are not but there’s definitely no harm in listening to them.

You can develop long lasting friendship with the foreign student. You may get along very well with the student as well as his or her family. You can also travel to the student’s home country and enjoy a great vacation there. This way you won’t even need a hotel to stay or a local guide to tell you about the details of the place. The student’s family will be more than happy in playing the perfect host. You will get to see a new place and be in close connection with an entirely different culture. In case you love traveling, this is just the right thing for you.

A foreign student may change the way you look at several things in life. People from all over the world have different point of views on different issues. In fact a foreign student may know much more about your own country than you do. Listen to what they feel about your own country. Let them share their views with you. This way you will get to know as to what the other nations think about your country. We spend our lives in our home country and never get an opportunity to move out or interact with people of other countries. This is your opportunity to know more about the world culture.

Your whole thinking on studying abroad may change when you host a foreign student. People in US are not too much in support of sending their kids abroad. They don’t like the idea of their kids staying with an unknown family in some other country. Studying abroad has several advantages. Your child will learn a lot about other culture and in the process become a better global citizen. When you host a foreign student, you can see the benefits of studying abroad yourself. This may motivate you to send you own kids abroad for studies.

The relationship between the foreign student and the host family is usually cordial and friendly. However some people are not able to adjust and the student ultimately moves out. Nonetheless, hosting a foreign language student is an experience in itself and you must grab this opportunity if it ever comes your way.

7 Reasons Why You Should Trade Forex as an Additional Income Stream


1.A True 24 Hour Market

The Foreign Exchange (Forex ) market is the only one that operates 24 hours daily for five days every week. So you can decide to earn when you feel like whether morning or night.

2.Small Start Up Capital

With as little as $100 you can open a micro account and start trading.

3.You Can Work Remotely

Geographic location is of no consequence to Forex traders all you need is a computer with internet access. You could even trade from your mobile phone!


4.Huge Profit Potential

The Forex market is the largest market in the world. Over $2.5 trillion change hands in this market everyday.

5.You Can Practice Without Risking Your Hard Earned Money

This market gives room for you to practice on a virtual account. This is same as what happens in the real market except for the fact that you only have play money not real money.

6.Wide Range Of Currency Pairs To Chose From

Most market makers offer you more than thirty currency pairs to chose from. Just select the one that fits your trading style.

7.Everyone Can Do With Some More Money

This fact doesn’t need additional explanation. You and I need money and here is an opportunity of a lifetime to get it by just clicking on your mouse and looking at your computer screen.

Forex Demo Accounts: A Waste of Time or a Good Way to Learn?


I was all set to sign up on a popular forex trading website which promised that I’d be trading within 5 minutes and that they would have lots of people to answer my questions and then I saw it. “We do not offer Demo Accounts.”

I’ve gotten conflicting advice on whether to open a demo forex account before beginning to trade forex for real. Some people say why wait to begin trading forex for real, I mean you don’t want to earn pretend dollars, do you? You want to start making money via trading as soon as possible, unless of course….. you lose money at the beginning.

Or others say that there is no point to trading via a demo account because you KNOW the money in your demo account doesn’t matter. They argue that you might just as well claim that you can learn about real estate investment by playing Monopoly.


I think that this line of reasoning has some value, BUT there are two important counter-arguments.

Adam Burgoyne has said he believes a new trader should aim to trade a full month profitably on a demo account before trading for real. If you think about it from the point of view of, if you can’t follow your plan and make money when you aren’t worried losing money or salivating with greed, then what chance do you have when fear and greed are involved? If you can’t make money with a demo account, why would you actually place real money into the account? Wouldn’t that be like betting on a horse that you had never won a race in his career? And wouldn’t skipping the step of operating a demo account be a bit like betting on a horse that had never run a race? One that had no “track record?” Get yourself a track record with a demo account first, then decide whether to involve real money and you could save yourself some real heartache.

That being said, let’s go back to the argument that says success with a demo account means nothing because the most important factor in trading success is whether you can handle the pressure of real profits and losses. Try and obtain the best of both worlds. Trade a demo account, but make it a duplicate of the real trading account you plan to open. If you only have $1000 to trade, trade that amount in your demo account. If you are planning on taking the $1000 out of your savings account, consider actually taking $1000 out of your savings account and placing it in a 30-day certificate of deposit. Then act as though the $1000 in that demo account is really your $1000. Make your decisions as though the demo account dollars are real.

Sure trading with a demo account might tell you nothing. But if you take your demo account seriously, it can save you potential losses and be a valuable learning experience.

5 Keys to Finding the Best Forex Charting Software Program

5 Keys to Finding the Best Forex Charting Software Program
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Forex. Selling currency, having a ‘stock’ in an entire nation. This is a high roller’s territory, or so it would appear. With the rise of the internet and computer efficiency, now a simple office computer can hold a very lucrative asset such as a high end, compellingly successful computer program such as a Forex charting software program. Because selling Forex software is such a competitive business it creates so many over-hyped, ‘top of the line’ software programs that want you to pay ten easy payments of $99.99. So in order to come out on top and actually get your moneys worth, you need to hold yourself to a list of key elements that must be present in a Forex charting software program.


So, what is it that is an absolute necessity for a forex software program to have?

  1. Intra-day pivot points. This is definitely a must in any program involving Forex. You need to have stable data that you can base the rest of your research off of. This allows you to chart out and plan your next move to increase your “pip” or percentage in points.
  2. Accurate and up to date charting capabilities. You need the newest edition of software. Since Forex is changing every day, with new current trends and newly forming market increases, you need the most current software abilities so you will not be left in the dust.
  3. 24 hour tech support. In case some form on your computer goes awry, you need to be able to talk to someone, and that someone needs to be a live person that can respond to your unique questions!
  4. Automatically backed up info. Another capability software needs in case of an emergency is the ability to back up its own data files. You need this because I am sure you would rather be safe than be kicking yourself after you lost your money.
  5. Presents data in an orderly, simplified manner. Efficiency is the name of the Forex game, and being able to make quick, calculated decisions in a timely manner is a must when operating on Forex.

These are just some personal preferences of mine that I’ll hold to when trying a new software or when I am looking to accompany my current software to compare data. By simply following these golden rules, you will be even closer to cashing in after all your hard work.

Forex Analysis Using Japanese Candlesticks


Technical analysis with Japanese candlestick patterns is an ancient trading strategy originating from the Japanese rice trade during the middle ages. Using candlestick patterns is becoming increasingly popular due to the ability of the Japanese candlesticks to successfully determine trend shifts and changes. A candlestick chart contains an incredible amount of price information within a single chart.

Prior to investigating trend patterns, the first step in Japanese candlestick technical analysis is understanding the information contained in a candle. The candle is comprised of bodies and wicks. The candlestick body captures the open and close for the period representing the candle. Typically, if the period closes at a higher price, the body of the candle is filled in green, and red if the price closes lower than the opening price. Protruding above and below the body are the candlestick wicks. The wicks denote the high and low for the described period. Long wicks mean a considerable retreat from the high or low, short wicks show stronger price momentum.


Using Japanese Candlesticks allows analysts to view more information than a typical line chart, which would just show either open or close price. The shading makes it very easy to determine the trend direction, and the length of bodies and wicks show the power of the price action. Long bodies and wicks denote price moving aggressively, and short bodies and wicks are usually consolidation periods. Candles with no bodies, the open and close being at or near the same point, called doji candles, show indecision in the marketplace.

To best utilize Japanese Candlestick technical analysis, certain patterns are often used to denote changes in trend, or continuations in trend. Some candle patters comprise a single candlestick, such as a hammer pattern or a shooting star. Other patterns utilize multiple candlesticks to denote a shift in the trend. Common multiple bar patterns are the morning star pattern, engulfing pattern, and piercing patterns.

When using Japanese candlesticks, utilize support and resistance indicators to improve the quality of the signal. A hammer candle at a strong resistance point is a very strong reversal signal, much stronger than either signal on their own. By combining candlesticks with other strategies and indicators, an experienced candlestick trader can recognize opportunities with laser-like accuracy.

Learning and mastering Japanese candlesticks and their patterns is an incredible tool in a Forex trading arsenal. Using candlesticks, investors can learn to time trend changes and shifts with amazing accuracy.

Is Trading Forex Useless During a Recession?

Is Trading Forex Useless During a Recession?
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Some people may think that trading currencies would be a horrible idea during an economic downturn. But surprisingly enough, you can actually turn a profit no matter what the economy is like. When Forex was first conceited it was ran by banks and millionaire investors. You simply couldn’t get in unless you had a couple hundred thousand dollars that you were willing to invest with! This made the Forex market extremely dependent on the banks to keep investing in it. But that was in its hay day. Now, it’s almost like playing on a completely new level. The different brokers and dealers that run this market understood that in order to get a following, they would need to allow the average joe to get a piece of the pie. The first thing they did was start allowing smaller investors to get in.

This is when things got really interesting. See, people began to study and research charts formulating trading strategies. Then all of a sudden people started getting in the market. It was great. Everyone across the globe would trade 24 hours a day 6 days a week. This made the market extremely liquid. This liquid market then took off like a market. See when a market is liquid it crash if people leave, everyone is trading on an equal playing field. This is simply due to the fact that the Forex market is so huge. Trillions of dollars are traded every single week on the market.


The market is constantly fluctuating. This constant volatility is the main reason how people make money on the market. They buy low and sell high. As long as it keeps moving people shall continue to make money. There are a couple tools that you should use to determine a markets trend. Remember that Forex is all based on extremely small changes in currencies. These fluctuations usually vary between fractions such as .001 and as small .0001!

The economies across the world can actually help you make money. See if one currency is doing badly because of the economy you can trade them at nearly rock-bottom prices. This is called long term trading. There are literally a ton of different tools that pretty much tell you what to do! So why don’t many people take advantage? Well that’s because they’re generally afraid to lose money. See trading Forex is a lot more complicated than most trade markets.

It’s sad to see that so many people are struggling through hardships in bad times like recently. Especially seeing as Forex can really help boost your income. All you need to do is learn how and when to buy and sell. Once you have a firm understanding. You can then instantly start making money!

Emotional Characteristics of a Successful Forex Trader

Emotional Characteristics of a Successful Forex Trader
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Essential Elements

One can be very knowledgeable about foreign exchange trading (Forex), but this will not help if this individual does not have the courage to put their money at risk, through the buying and selling of currencies. Of course it would be logical to assume that if you’re well versed in Forex, hitting the buy key, or the sell key, should be easy. However, many traders become “paralyzed” when it comes to parting, all be it temporarily, with their money.

When the time comes to execute the trade, it is not unusual to start to feel that horrible anxiety, which shortly after becomes fear. After all, “no risk, no reward”, and the moment of truth is upon you! It becomes necessary to overcome your fear and act. If you cannot overcome your fear, you must accept it, and move forward with the trade regardless, otherwise you will never achieve you goals as a foreign exchange currency trader.

If one learns to control their fear of executing those trades, the process of trading becomes easier and easier, until finally, there is no more fear. This is for the most part good, however this opposite reaction can become overconfidence, which can create just as much of an issue as fear. If you’re overconfident, it means that you are not focused enough, and taking great risks with your money when trading.


Analyze yourself on an emotional level. Ask yourself if you’re someone who can control their emotions on a level which will allow you to execute trades. Keep in mind that you will often have to execute these trades under extremely stressful conditions. Whatever your emotional obstacles may be, whether overconfidence or fear, I’m sure that they can be overcome to enough of an extent, through practice while paper trading, and perseverance, before you execute your first real trade. By calling attention to fear or overconfidence as potential stumbling blocks beforehand, you will have the opportunity to develop good trading habits from the beginning, and properly prepare yourself, for executing Forex trades.

“Pulling the trigger” or executing the trade is not all there is to focus on when involved with Forex. Once you have executed, and are in the trade, what comes next is staying in the trade. This is equally, and for some, more difficult on an emotional level than the actual trade execution. When a trade is not working, it becomes necessary to exit it as soon as possible. However fear can cause one to prejudge a situation inaccurately, and exit a trade prematurely. It is important to be able to identify valid reasons for exiting a trade, because there are times when a “hold on until it comes back” strategy will allow you to profit greatly when trading currencies. It would be very disappointing to close out a winning position as a result of “jumping the gun”. Learn how to analyze valid reasons for exiting a trade. This of course, is to be done when practicing or paper trading.

All in all, the emotional requirements for trading currencies include courage, patience, self control, and drive. Focus on developing these emotions, along with your skill, and you will find yourself making logical decisions on every trade.

Many who are new to the Foreign Exchange Market, believe that all that is necessary to trade Forex profitably, are charts and technical indicators. The majority of these new traders end up loosing every dime that they put into the market. While charts and technical indicators are important, a solid knowledge of Forex, good money management skills, and emotional control, are equally important.

Foreign Exchange Program for Students

Foreign Exchange Program for Students
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I am quite certain that many people around the world wish to be exchange students for various reasons, but are their reasons the right reasons? Why do foreign exchange programs exist? According to the U.S. government foreign exchange programs exist to provide certain international cultural exchange programs designed to provide practical training and employment, and sharing of the history, culture, and traditions of participants home country� citing the Q series international cultural exchange visa’s specifications as provided by the U.S. department of state. The reasons that stand out in my mind differ slightly from the ones offered to me by my government, and I will attempt to relay my motivation without simply reiterating the U.S. Department of States motivation for allowing exchange programs.

The primary reason that I would like to be a foreign exchange student is a rather selfish one. I think that my experience overseas would impregnate my mind with a vast wealth of knowledge. During my school year overseas I would not only learn the deep intricacies of a new language, but also the cultures and ways of a diverse world community. I would come back with a first hand understanding of why Europe has its current political leanings, an understanding that many modern politicians seem to lack. I would also learn many traditions, rites, and rituals inherit in the new way of life; allowing my current lifestyle with a basis for comparison, which would seem to me to be the start of the pathway to becoming an enlightened individual (something that many of my fellow American’s seem to be lacking these days with their introverted views on world politics and the notion that any way American is most defiantly the right way). Introverted ideals and in the so called “Melting Pot”� of cultural ambiguity can only carry a nation so far, and this is one of the many reasons I wish to become enlightened through a foreign exchange program.


The secondary reason is less selfish of a reason, but still ties in greatly with the first reason. If I were to become enlightened by intricate knowledge of a diverse world culture then I would have the ability to share what I have learned with the peers of my home country. Using first hand facts, statistics, and experiences I strongly hope that I would be able to break some of the stereotypical views that are innately shared by the unenlightened individual. As my first hand views would soon become second hand, (then third hand and so on) views shared with friends of peers of mine this wealth of knowledge provided to me by the foreign exchange program would trickle down the great social network that is mainstream America. I believe that upon my return from a foreign exchange program the average wisdom in America pertaining to another country would rise. It may not rise by a lot, but with other traveled individuals sharing the knowledge that they have gained abroad it will rise a significant amount, and in fact lead to the general American populace’s views on other nations.

My tertiary reason seems to tie in greatly with the chain of knowledge and knowledge shared that would be my foreign exchange experience. It is the wish to share what I know about America with a diverse world culture, I wish to bring with me the various traditions, rites, and rituals that allow such a culturally diverse nation to exist in this world. I wish to bring a small taste of America with me to the foreign country in which I would stay. Nothing more than a small taste, not enough to overpower them with the pungent downsides to American society, just enough to leave them wanting more, or to eat least taste a few more bites. I have an aspiration to spread knowledge of my ideas as well as their ideas (see my secondary reason), the foreign exchange program would allow me to serve as a conduit between vastly differing principles, standards, morals, and ethics. This would be a borderless conduit one that brought with it culture, and brought back even more culture, if I were chosen to be a foreign exchange student, no one would lose.

This, is why foreign exchange programs exist, they exist because people like me are willing to sacrifice a comfortably monotonous lifestyle in order to share the knowledge that makes people who they really are. Sadly, these three primary reasons that I have stated to you are not my own. They are simply the description of why the U.S. Department of State wants to host foreign exchange within its borders, reworded in a most eloquent manor. These three reasons however are the best reasons to be a foreign exchange student and ones that I wish to make my own; when borrowing ideals from the leader of the unilateral world in which we live one can never go wrong.

An Introduction to the Forex Market

An Introduction to the Forex Market
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The foreign exchange market is relatively new as it is the product of the 20th century. Before that time the foreign exchange market need not exist as most currencies were backed by specie (gold and silver) and could be redeemed for specie then the specie could be converted to the currency of choice by the end user. Today the Forex market is necessary to complete transactions in fiat currency from one to another.

Setting the price

Before the world nations went off the gold and silver standards there was no need to set a value for each currency. Instead the value of the currency was equal only to the amount of gold or silver it could be redeemed for as set by the representing government. Now that most currencies are not backed by metals they must have some kind of value as set by the open market, for instance one US dollar today is worth about .7 Euros. The same one US dollar is also worth about 1/800 of an ounce of gold or about 1/30 of a gram. These prices are now set by the open market instead of governments, giving the free market advantage to companies and investors to do with the market whatever they desire.

A decentralized marketplace

Unlike the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ there is no set place to trade currency. There are many banks, known as interbanks, which process trades between one currency to another. This decentralized market allows for 24/7 trading and huge amounts of liquidity throughout the day.


The biggest market in the world

It should come to no surprise that the biggest market in the world by value would be the foreign exchange market, the market where money is literally bought and sold. It does not take a genius to realize why the foreign exchange market is so valuable, buying and selling currency is big business. Today approximately $3.2 Trillion changes hands each day on the forex market with the volume of currency growing quickly. As more currency is created by governments and central banks, it is only natural that more and more money will be bought and sold on the foreign exchange market.

Where does all this money come from

The volume on the forex market comes from a variety of sources. When a foreign company buys another company in another country, that is considered a forex trade. A set amount of currency is traded for the hard assets of another company. Also, governments and institutions swap debt and cash equivalent securities such as treasuries in the US or corporate bonds from Germany for cash, also resulting in a forex trade. Going down the list by volume the next biggest would be the exchange of cash by corporations. For example, McDonald’s is headquartered in the United States but does business in tens of countries around the world. As such its accounts are kept in the United States so any profits from overseas must be converted to the US dollar before being reported. Finally the least amount of volume comes from speculation, or the buying and selling of currency for a profit.

Is Forex Trading Right for You?

Is Forex Trading Right for You?
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Five Ways to Decide If Foreign Currency Trading is Right for You

Forex trading is the new day trading. Those who flocked to the Internet in the 90’s with dreams a making millions playing the stock market have moved on to trading foreign currency. Sure, day trading still has a solid following, but it’s no longer the new new thing. The novelty has worn off, and now it’s hard to go anywhere on the Web without stumbling over Forex training, monitoring software, and other paraphernalia.

The basic idea behind Forex (foreign-exchange) trading is to take advantage of the changes in relative value of two currencies. For example, if you move from 1400 US dollars to euros when the exchange rate is 1.40 (getting 1000 euros), and move back when the rate is 1.50, you’ve turned your $1400 (US) to $1500 (US). Of course there are fees and commissions, but the opportunities for quick profits are there.


On an average day, 4 trillion (yes, that’s trillion) US dollars worth of currency changes hands on the Forex market. Compared to that, a day’s work in the stock markets, seems paltry–a mere 300 billion US dollars worth of trades. Forex trades are usually executed between familiar currencies like US Dollars, Japanese Yen, British Pounds, and Euros, but you can also trade in more exotic currencies like Israeli Shekels, Saudi Arabia Riyals, and Thai Baht. Somewhere in the world there is always a trade going on, and money to be made, and it’s being made at lightning speed.

And lost just as quickly. Although the well is not as deep as when selling stocks short (in which you can lose far more than your initial investment), it is quite easy to watch your entire investment evaporate with sickening speed. The pace of Forex is part of its appeal, but to survive you need to be a certain sort of person with a certain sort of training.

So, do you have what it takes? Here are 5 things to ask yourself:

  1. Do you enjoy world history and staying current on events around the globe?

When you trade stocks, it’s usually enough to have an understanding of the company, the industry, and the economic factors that affect that industry.
But when you’re trading money, you need to understand everything. It’s not just a piece of the financial picture you’re looking at; money affects and is affected by every aspect of the economy, domestic and global. It is affected by historical alliances and conflicts as well as day-to-day events.

For an international news junkie who finds macroeconomics and history fascinating, Forex trading is an opportunity to put their hobbies to good use. But if you’re not one of these people, you may soon be overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to sort through, and bored out of your skull.

  1. Can you make a decision and carry it out without hesitation?

The Forex market moves quickly, there is a lot of information to track, and the difference between a successful and failed trade can be a matter of pennies. You have to be able to make decisions quickly and carry them out with confidence in a matter of seconds. If you’re the sort of person who likes to sleep on a decision, Forex is most definitely not for you.

  1. Can you keep your finger off the trigger when you need to?

The flip side of #2 is that it’s easy to get nervous and make a trade before you have enough information to do it with confidence. This is just as dangerous as hesitating. The best Forex trader is like an ER room doc, staying calm and thinking clearly while gathering information, then moving forward with assurance and precision.

  1. Do you enjoy keeping odd hours?

Because the most popular Forex trading currencies are scattered across the globe, you may find yourself making a trade that depends on events during the business day in a time zone 10 hours away. If you’re the sort who nods off every night watching the late news, you won’t enjoy Forex. If you can wake up at 3 am alert and ready to make crucial decisions, and then head back to bed for a couple hours sleep before work, you’re perfect for Forex.

  1. Can you resist the downward spiral?

Trading Forex is like riding a motorcycle. It’s not a question of if you will crash, but when, and how you’ll handle it. You will have losing days in the Forex market. That’s not failure. Failure is letting those losses make you stupid. On a bad day, can you close out your positions, do whatever helps you blow off steam, then sit down and analyze what went wrong, honestly and thoroughly? Can you resist beating yourself up for odd market swings that no one saw coming, while not letting yourself off the hook for your bad calls? Can you calmly make a plan to learn and do better next time? If not, Forex could well be a financial disaster zone for you.

If you’ve read this far and think you’ve got what it takes to be successful in Forex, your next step is to set up a practice account and start studying. Stay tuned for further installments, in which we’ll examine beginning strategies and introduce some basic concepts and theories that are central to Forex trading.

Guidelines for the New Forex Trader

Guidelines for the New Forex Trader
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The Nuts and Bolts for Successful Trading

If you have recently become interested in trying your hand at foreign currency trading, you probably should be aware that only about 5% of the traders are successful at it. That being said, with the right amount of training and the right trading approach, you could be in that 5%. Trading currency pairs can make you a lot of money. But if you aren’t prepared and don’t have a trading plan you surely will end up with the loosing majority. Before you do anything, you need to consider the following.


  1. Do you wish to be a day trader who will be trading several times a day and do you have the time to spend on the computer watching prices or are you better as a swing trader who makes a trade over a span of several days or a long term position trader who will hold a trade for several weeks? Each type of trader trades on a different time frame, and each method of trading is different. You will need to decide on the type of trader you envision yourself to be.
  2. You need to ask yourself next what kind of risk taker you are. Are you an aggressive trader or a conservative trader? If you intend on day trading you had better plan on being an aggressive trader. There is little time to contemplate your next move when you are making multiple trades in a day. Long term traders tend to focus the fundamentals whereas swing traders are well schooled in the technicals. If you know how much risk you are comfortable with, you will have a better idea of the type of trading that is best suited to you and what course of trading will best suit your needs.
  3. Choose a reliable broker. This has more to do with your success than you might imagine. The forex brokerage industry has a less than pristine reputation. Common complaints are brokers that hunt stops, hold money due for months until you get an attorney and huge spreads at news time. Do your research. Ask the question in online forums and good luck.
  4. Select a trading system or methodology and stick with it. Jumping from one system or method to another after a drawdown will guarantee you’ll go broke. But choosing a proven system or method is the key. There literally hundreds of trading systems and signal services available over the internet. Clickbank alone has over 50 forex related products for sale. Again, check out the systems available in online forums or revew sites such as Forex Trading Systems Review before making a decision. And make sure you use that system in your broker’s demo account and are comfortable with it before you trade with real money.
  5. Decide on a forex trading platform. The forex trading platform must be appropriate for the trading system you choose. You will need a news feed and the right trading indicators in the charting interface of your trading platform to implement in the trading system or methodology you chose.

If you follow these guidelines and take the time learn about trading in the forex market, you will be well on your way to becoming a profitable forex trader with a lasting trading income.

FINRA Forex Regulation

FINRA Forex Regulation
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The retail forex market has long had large leveraging allowances, but this has now come under threat by FINRA, the largest independent securities regulating body in the United States. Since the Internet retail fx growth, many forex brokers have been allowing their customers anywhere from 50/1 to 400/1 leveraging capabilities on their capital. FINRA is stating that the proposed amendment would serve to protect traders from excessive trading risk.

This proposal, though, assumes that traders are not utilizing leverage in a responsible way. Having leveraging capabilities isn’t the same as over-leveraging your positions, and this is what the FINRA proposal is unable to recognize; instead, margin merely allows a trader to use precise trade management in relation to the size of their positions. For example, if an investor wanted to risk only 2% of their total capital for each position, they would use leverage to figure out the amount that they want to risk per pip, based on the size of their stop loss. Having leveraging capabilities enables a trader to dynamically adjust the amount of their stop, so as to adapt to the current volatility levels of the market, while still keeping a constant position risk, regardless of whether they are risking 50 pips or 5000 pips.


Conversely, not having such leverage available will likely negatively impact investors who are practicing responsible risk management. Reducing the leverage means that you will have not as much available margin for current positions, even if one is wagering the same amount in both situations. This means that these traders are more likely to have a margin call, factoring in a constant investment risk, if the leverage was to be scaled down.

The most unacceptable part is that FINRA not only wants to limit the leverage – they seeming intend to almost completely eliminate it. If FINRA merely wanted to bring fx leveraging amounts to the levels of commodity futures it would be far more acceptable. Under the proposal, though, forex FCMs would only be allowed to provide leverage of 1.5:1. Anyone who is active in the fx markets realizes that this would effectively wipe out American-based retail fx investing, since hardly any people would be able to adequately invest under such a mandate. US-based FCMs wouldn’t be able to survive, and US-based speculators would trade their accounts with foreign FCMs.

The FINRA proposal sadly is written for the the failed trader: the people who over-leverage trades with incorrect stop-losses. As a result, they consequently punish all of the traders who invest with correct risk control, and simply use leverage as a needed and responsible tool.

For anyone that is concerned about this, you can put it out of your mind for the time being. As it thankfully turns out, FINRA doesn’t have specific regulatory authority over the forex markets; that would nowadays be the responsibility of both the NFA and the CFTC, whose regulatory oversight is significantly expanding in currency. Finally, it wouldn’t make sense for the CFTC and NFA to support this proposed amendment, not to mention the flagrant disparity it would create with fx futures: they have been working for years to exact greater authority over the US currency industry. If it were to increasingly move abroad, they would no longer have the ability to effectively regulate such activities (not to mention the membership fees that they would be paid from currency investment funds).

Ebook Review: Compare and Contrast Expert Forex Advice by Diana Wright

Ebook Review: Compare and Contrast Expert Forex Advice by Diana Wright
Rating:4.5 (2 votes cast)

Product Summary: Compare and Contrast Expert Forex Advice is an ebook, in PDF format, that entitles the buyer to all future updated editions. It is primarily interviews with five forex experts – authors, trainers, trading website creators – with a very brief introduction and resource section.

Who’s It For: While any level of trader may find Compare and Contrast Expert Forex Advice thought-provoking and interesting, those who have little or no experience in forex trading will benefit the most. If you are just considering forex trading, or have been trading less than six months, then this ebook has a great deal to offer.

Product Advantages: It is perhaps the only book or ebook that contains multiple or divergent opinions on forex trading. Recommendations that are echoed from one expert after another, such as “If you are unable to deal with losing trades, don’t trade forex” or “there is no holy grail to successful trading,” hold more weight when you hear them from multiple authorities. Readers can also learn which experts are more aggressive or optimistic and which are more conservative and as the title says, compare and contrast their opinions.


Because experts are primarily talking about forex in general and not directly selling their products or services, the ebook is wonderfully hype-free and at least as likely to make you decide that forex is NOT for you, as to make you want to go buy an ebook or further trading advice from the experts.

Modestly priced at $17. Even given its brevity (29 pages), when you consider the time and money that you would potentially invest in forex trading, this ebook is an excellent value.

The experts interviewed had very impressive credentials. Diana Wright managed to have an All-Star cast for this ebook and their personal histories were refreshingly candid and surprising.

Product Disadvantages: The ebook is 95% interviews. I would have liked to have seen additional forex information, such as a glossary of terms or explanation of basic forex concepts (i.e. What’s a pip?). If the author were to add such information to a future edition, it would make the ebook a more complete resource for those interested in learning forex trading.

Recommendation: If you have a lot of experience trading forex, then you probably already know most of the advice given in this ebook and I wouldn’t buy it unless you are simply looking for a “good read” on the topic. (It is actually quite entertaining.) On the other hand, if you have limited forex experience or what forex experience you have has been the school of hard-knocks and you are trying to decide whether to invest further in forex, then this ebook is a must-have. Buy it, read it, reread it and think about it! You’ll be glad that you did.

Buffett Bots Review | Is Buffett Bots a Scam?

Buffett Bots Review | Is Buffett Bots a Scam?
Rating:4.64 (14 votes cast)

You may ask: “Is Buffett Bot a Scam Software?” The answer is provided by our honest review.The 30 day free trial offer for the Buffett Bot software looks like a good opportunity to try something different. Results of trading with the automated system have proved that it performs very well and it is not a scam. Read more of this Buffett Bot review to find out about its unique features, trading advantages and how to get started.

What is Buffett Bot Software ?

This is one of a kind binary options system that has managed to attract the attention of the world because of its uniqueness. Jeremy Fin, who is the owner of Buffett Bot system is very honest with his product. He has actually come out to reveal what he knows best concerning his trading method.What’s more, he has come out openly to declare that even though his Buffett Bot software copies the mind and investment tactics of Billionaire Warren Buffett, this system will not make you a Billionaire. That statement caught our attention, and it was the reason why we dug deeper into the details to try finding out what this software had to bring to the table.
We can certainly declare with 100% confidence that Buffett Bot method will fulfill what has been promised in the official website.


Features of Buffett Bot Software ; Review & Results

(a) 500 automatic trades in one day

We were first told that this signals App was able to automatically execute between 400 and 500 trades within a period of 24 hours. We doubted these claims. But when we put Buffett Bot software to the test, it surprised us by executing trades like Jeremy Fin had promised. The number of automatic trades ranged between 400-500 in 5 straight days, most of which turned to be profitable. This means that we were also able to hit the promised $1,978 in some days. Even in our lowest trading days, we were still able to take a tidy profit home. This is why we have concluded that BuffettBots App is not a scam.

(b) It’s free for the first 30 days

There’s a trend we’ve seen in scams out there. These ones tout themselves by stating that they are free to use forever. But in reality, they will swallow your money at a faster rate than you can profit. In fact, sticking with such losing system would see you losing your investment to compensate for the ”free ”offer. Such a software isn’t free. Instead, it costs the entire amount you shall deposit with their rogue brokers.

However, The Buffett Bot program won’t steal money from you. You can have it for free in 30 days after which you will take 95% of profit and leave the rest to the broker thereafter. That means this software will charge you 5% of income you get from every successful trade. This is still fair given that this App doesn’t scam its members. It is also fair because good things never come for free. You’d be safe paying for something than getting it for free.

(c) 24/7 Buffett Bot Support is Real

Most of the scam software we’ve reviewed out there don’t have some kind of support to offer. The owners are usually too consumed by their bogus sales tactics that they forget to mention or provide a place for customer support.
Also, before reviewing any binary options programs out there, we always test support to see how well they respond. 70% of them have failed, and thus we have labeled them ”scam” — of course going by complaints we receive almost every other day.

With Buffett Bot software, you can be assured to contact them through various means any time you have a question or concern. Their response is timely indeed. They offer live technical support through chat (something that all members have access to), plus full-scale support by phone. No one will hang up on you when you get to ask the hard questions.

(d) Availability

You can use Buffett Bot signals from anywhere you want, except when you’re in a couple of countries which aren’t supported. These countries include India, Nigeria and Uganda. There are talks of including these countries soon. This is yet another evidence that Buffett Bot APP is not a scam since every scam out there targets all countries to maximize revenue.

Advantages of the Buffett Bot App

This trading App is 100% risk-free. You won’t be asked to pay a single cent to use it. Also, at the end of the 30-day period, you will only be working on a 5% revenue share model which is fair. That 5% goes to the owner of Buffett Bot as a token of appreciation.

Secondly, Jeremy Fin doesn’t take members fore granted. That’s the reason he has placed premium support to answer questions you may be having once you sign up. They clearly have your best interest at heart.

Thirdly, you have a fair chance of succeeding in your binary options career when you utilize Buffett Bot APP to maximum effect. Keep in mind that this system was created after analyzing Warren Buffet’s investment methods in 6 years. There is no way you can lose here.

So, is Buffett Bot software a Scam?

No, this isn’t a scam. If you ever come across any review telling you how they lost money from this BuffettBots Method,then it may be by haters.

Did you know that all the scam binary options software out there didn’t use any regulated broker to do business with users.The problem with non-regulated brokers is that they operate by their own rules. If they decide to shut down everything and disappear with your money, no one will have the right to pursue them. After all, there are no rules.However, Buffett Bot app only uses CySEC Regulated Brokers to keep all members safe. We have verified this.


Pricing- Shall i Join ?

  1. Just sign up here with website
  2. Fill with your name and email address to gain instant access into the system.
  3. You will only be required to fund your account with the amount you want to invest.(Min Deposit $200 -250)

Conclusion – The Buffett Bot Software is Not SCAM !! Tested An Proven

You can fully rely on Buffett Bot signals. Forget about following every financial news you come across on the internet. Manual methods are time consuming and not accurate 90% of the time. Therefore, in this review, we have fully endorsed Buffett Bot software for anyone intending to trade binary options to earn a living. Also, we haven’t found any hint to suggest that Jeremy Fin isn’t real or that his method doesn’t work. You can definitely count on him.Before you sign up with any new auto-traders check our scam binary software’s page to check the authenticity.Share your results with the Buffett Bot App below in feedback section.

Buffett Bot Video Explanation

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