To Brexit or Not?

To Brexit or Not?
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The British referendum is now just days away and market volatility is gathering pace as we get closer to the day Britons head to the polls. With the votes taking place on Thursday 23rd June, have you thought about what impact it could have on the markets? Below are the latest poll on whether the English really want Brexit














The English have wanted to leave the European Union ever since they joined in 1972. Now it seems that the public is favoring independence and a divorce from the stagnating mainland economy.

Those in favor for staying in Europe say the UK will pay for lost contracts and trade barriers that the Europeans seems so good at erecting against the outside world; those who favor the Brexit say the damage will be short-term, contained, and outweighed by the benefits of freedom from Brussels’ restrictions

Either way, public sentiment has been swaying this way and that, and Sterling assets have reacted just as forcibly – just look at what happened to the FTSE 100 when last week’s “pro” polls gained the upper hand.

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