Ebook Review: Compare and Contrast Expert Forex Advice by Diana Wright

Ebook Review: Compare and Contrast Expert Forex Advice by Diana Wright
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Product Summary: Compare and Contrast Expert Forex Advice is an ebook, in PDF format, that entitles the buyer to all future updated editions. It is primarily interviews with five forex experts – authors, trainers, trading website creators – with a very brief introduction and resource section.

Who’s It For: While any level of trader may find Compare and Contrast Expert Forex Advice thought-provoking and interesting, those who have little or no experience in forex trading will benefit the most. If you are just considering forex trading, or have been trading less than six months, then this ebook has a great deal to offer.

Product Advantages: It is perhaps the only book or ebook that contains multiple or divergent opinions on forex trading. Recommendations that are echoed from one expert after another, such as “If you are unable to deal with losing trades, don’t trade forex” or “there is no holy grail to successful trading,” hold more weight when you hear them from multiple authorities. Readers can also learn which experts are more aggressive or optimistic and which are more conservative and as the title says, compare and contrast their opinions.


Because experts are primarily talking about forex in general and not directly selling their products or services, the ebook is wonderfully hype-free and at least as likely to make you decide that forex is NOT for you, as to make you want to go buy an ebook or further trading advice from the experts.

Modestly priced at $17. Even given its brevity (29 pages), when you consider the time and money that you would potentially invest in forex trading, this ebook is an excellent value.

The experts interviewed had very impressive credentials. Diana Wright managed to have an All-Star cast for this ebook and their personal histories were refreshingly candid and surprising.

Product Disadvantages: The ebook is 95% interviews. I would have liked to have seen additional forex information, such as a glossary of terms or explanation of basic forex concepts (i.e. What’s a pip?). If the author were to add such information to a future edition, it would make the ebook a more complete resource for those interested in learning forex trading.

Recommendation: If you have a lot of experience trading forex, then you probably already know most of the advice given in this ebook and I wouldn’t buy it unless you are simply looking for a “good read” on the topic. (It is actually quite entertaining.) On the other hand, if you have limited forex experience or what forex experience you have has been the school of hard-knocks and you are trying to decide whether to invest further in forex, then this ebook is a must-have. Buy it, read it, reread it and think about it! You’ll be glad that you did.

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