$15 Lucror FX No Deposit Bonus

$15 Lucror FX No Deposit Bonus
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$15 Lucror FX No Deposit Bonus

  • Link: $15Lucror FX No Deposit Bonus 
  • Expire: All year 2012
  • Bonus type: $15 Lucror FX Bonus Account.
  • Withdrawal: Profit generated could be withdrawn, however the cost for each withdrawal is $15.
  • How to get the bonus:
  1. Register a free Mylucror FX account and verify necessary supporting documents
  2. Login to your Mylucror account dashboard, click “Welcome Bonus Account” button.
  3. Register a free welcome bonus account, download MT4 and then login to your MT4 account using the information sent to you via email by Lucror FX.
  4. Pick up a random chart, then drag the free_15 EA in the Expert Advisor category in the chart.
  5. In Free_15 window, “allow DLL imports”, “Confirm DLL function calls” and “Allow import of external experts” should be selected, and then click “OK”
  6. Press “OK” when there’s a window popup and enjoy you Lucror FX $15 No Deposit Bonus.

Refer to this $15 Lucror FX No Deposit Bonus terms and conditions for more information:

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